Hey trubeautys! Check out my latest video HOW TO CREATE A VISION BOARD! Hope it inspires you to pursue your wildest dreams w/ fearless confidence. Remember to always BELIEVE in yourself no matter where you’re at in your life, compared to your dream life! This vision board will be step #1 of taking the first step towards your dream life… and it’s a GIANT step!!! It will assist you in DEFINING/RE-DEFINING what it is you really want in this life! That should not be taken lightly & yet at the same time, don’t overthink it.

Being a Yoga Teacher/Coach who has hosted many “Vision Board” classes and events, my advice? Choose items for your board that truly bring you a deep sense of gratification, happiness, and calm… you know that exhilarating feeling when you just know something feels so “you”… so right! THAT’S THE FEELING YOU WANT! Putting ourselves in alignment with our highest version of ourself (which is associated with our lavender chakra) ;). Trust your gut and watch as the pieces of your dream life come together like a puzzle… your “vision” of your truest self within. Once defining what you want, remember the power of returning back to gratitude for all you currently have in your life! This is a crucial step in order to manifest your dream life! For more info on this topic… be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel + followme on instagram @trubeautymovement + of course follow me here on my BLOG 🙂 Daily posts and weekly videos for consistent inspiration + real and relatable support + positive vibes
Until next time, Namaste-BEYOUtiful xo! Heath

P.S. Check out the oils I picked out below while creating my own vision board. I recommend these oils because they will open your heart (green) and crown (lavender) chakra – encouraging you to connect to the highest version of yourself and follow your deepest desires.

1) Essential Oils (diffuse + topically)
2) LOTS Magazines
3) Scissors
4) Glue Stick (less messy)
5) Poster board/cork board/or the like
+ of course your fav playlist!

1) *Oils Recommended: Serenity + Balance (topically + diffuser)
2) Order:

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