We had such a blast this past weekend celebrating my dear friend’s baby shower! When you host a baby shower lots of work goes into it and the last thing I had time to do was go shopping for a specialty “maternity dress” that had that spring vibe that I wanted for her special day!

I knew I would be able to make something work in my closet, as long as I focus on strong accessories to bring the look together in a fun yet soft and feminine way to fit the special occasion! A few weeks ago, as my pregnant belly began to grow, before doing any kind of maternity shopping, I wanted to see how I could save time (and money) by utilizing what I already had in my wardrobe (you’d be amazed how far a good pair of stretch pants, long tunic tops you thought you’d never wear and a good old trusty $16.99 belly band from Target can take you)!! When I went through everything, I began to separate out my normal clothes from my so-called maturity potential clothes for ease when I’m getting ready – and also to know what I really needed to invest in, so I didn’t overspend on things I’ll only wear once! I found a lot of cotton dresses seemed to work perfect; they are super comfy yet fit the season (& my growing belly too)!

One of my fav dresses that I totally forgot about was my Jacob brand chartreuse, wrap dress that I got years ago when I traveled to beautiful Montreal with a friend after college. At the time it had an “Audrey Hepburn” type feel to it with a black bow. I must have taken that off, because it was no longer on the dress. So last minute, about 1 hour before I needed to meet my friend to set up for the party, I dusted off this classic wrap-dress in the back of my closet and plopped it on over my pregnant body and… voila! It looked perfect for the occasion – a pop of spring color! To ensure that the wrap dress stayed closed, I began to look through my belts to see if I could find a skinny gold belt that would have a nice modern twist, but nothing seemed to work. It all looked way to harsh and most of all didn’t keep the wrap dress secure. Then I began to get creative and grabbed on of my tan(ish), taupe(ish), lavender(ish) python ribbon-like belts from a pair of shorts I got and… done! The whole look came together with a modern & unpredictable twist. Then I tossed on some gold bold jewelry (Charming Charlie chunky watch, a few bangle bracelets, and my favorite lotus flower gold bracelet from a friend) along with my Franko Sarto super comfy yet elegant nude and gold low heels, which reflect gold mirrors under my toes going perfectly with my accessories. The look was done all in about 5 minutes!

So remember trubeautys, as much as I LOVE to shop and feel inspired by new looks and the latest cuts of the season, sometimes the chicest and most unique look is right in your very closet (saving you lots of time, energy, and mula)… you may just need to accessorize with the latest trends to make it go from so so to SO FAB in minutes. Namaste-BEYOUtiful, xo! Heath

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