By: Heather Hooke

So today is my birthday! And I’m so very excited and grateful because this year is a very special year. This year I get the best gift of all… Our beautiful baby girl, Melissa Skylar!!! Melissa is due towards the end of July and my husband, Collin, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for our little blessing about to enter our lives!!!

It’s funny, from a young age I always felt a deep appreciation for the “little” things in life… Even in high school and college when popularity, parties and the latest trends were supposed to be top priority, for me whenever I fell for the phisod I always felt disappointed. Over time, I started to realize that relaxing in a quaint cafe sipping my favorite soy latte, being in nature, journaling, people watching, going to the movies with my favorite people (gummy candy in hand of course!), and exploring new territories taking pictures felt so much more meaningful to me than the latest definition of “cool.” In my mind it always was cool, because it brought me such a deep sense of satisfaction and creative fulfillment!


As time has gone by, these “little things” I’ve found are really what happiness (& true fulfillment) is all about. It’s not buying the latest fashion trends, hottest new car, or any other extravagant experience… Sure, these of course can be fun experiences and make for some incredible memories (not to mention great Instagram pics to show off to your friends) but at the end of the day, it’s about surrounding yourself with people who truly KNOW you, are there for you and love you for who you really are. It’s about feeling truly “seen” and feeling connected to the energies around you by allowing yourself to simply be yourself completely and get lost in the moment. It’s about those special moments that connect to your soul or help you feel more understood or “defined” in some way to the universe, connecting to the bigger picture; and it’s about making a real and authentic difference in other people’s lives impacting something greater than yourself in a positive way. It’s each of these “little moments” that connect you to your soul purpose, lead to your right path and make all the difference. So ask yourself, what are those “little things” for you? This will give you such insight on who you truly are and on if you are on your right path today.


As I’m growing up and entering this new phase of motherhood (Whoah baby, when did I become an adult)?! 😆 These feelings are just emphasized even more. I am so excited to meet our beautiful little girl almost to the point that it’s easy to overlook my own big day. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of what it means to be a parent… to truly put your child’s wants, needs and happiness before your own.

While today is all about celebrating my special “birth” day… I’m entering a phase of seeing how I can take everything I’ve learned, all the wisdom over the years from various experiences, and pass that on to our little girl so that she can grow up to be her most BE.YOU.tiful self, living her highest potential while also coming full circle realizing it’s all about the little things in life.

My birthday wish to all of you trubeautys… Take some time to slow down today away from social media, events, and “supposed to’s” that don’t nourish your soul – instead swap it for the little experiences that bring you the most joy in your life! When you get lost in the moment, notice what and who allows you to get to this “happy place.” You’ll know, because it will bring you a sense of lightness, inner stillness and gittyness unlike any other! If we all did this more rather than keeping up with the Jones’, how different our world would be? Well change starts with one step so start with you and see your world expand… You are reading this for a reason.
Until next time namaste-BEYOUtiful xo!


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