Ditch Devices! How To Live In The Moment This Holiday! {ft. cedarwood + holiday joy essential oils!

Ditch Devices! How To Live In The Moment This Holiday! {ft. cedarwood + holiday joy essential oils!

ONE thing you’ll learn about me real quick trubeautys is I wear my heart on my sleeve (sometimes to my expense but it’s a work in progress for us #empaths ) and I’m super honest and love to connect with women with #realtalk ! I’m SO not into the fake facade that everything is perfect (I feel like that is so early 2000’s lol…) I love being real and relatable and believe THAT’S how we create a real movement and make people feel less alone in this world and apart of something bigger! …One thing I’m really working on as a #girlboss blogger and business owner is putting my phone away whenever I feed or play with my daughter (easier said than done when you have dings going off every second all marked “urgent” lol…). Ladies, it’s amazing! Not only do I notice the subtle little details that make our daughter oh so special, I find myself noticing the subtle sway of the palm trees in the breeze, taking deeper slower breathes and the best part – I’m being a better #rolemodel for my daughter by putting electronic devices AWAY & just being with her! If you find you are on your devices too much mama’s (um, who’s not these days) let’s all come together and set a group intention for more balance! It’s important… we are literally raising our future society! Everything we do, our kiddos are watching and mirroring! I really like the rule of no electronics at meals for the whole family, because it allows for family traditions of, oh I don’t know… TALKING and connecting face-to-face (not typing) lol. Is this a struggle for you and your kids? If they are a little older, I imagine it’s really tough because they are exposed to so much. Do you have a “no devices rule” you run in your own households at certain times mama’s?! Like this post, follow, + comment below… I’d love to know! We’re in this together lol! #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

Today’s video is all about “Social {BEYOU}ty” confidence… DITCH DEVICES! HOW TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT THIS HOLIDAY! ***Be sure to watch the full video + LIKE + Comment + Follow for my juicy Giveaway.. I’m giving away 1 FULL BOTTLE of doTERRA Cedarwood Essential Oil (great for stress, anxious feelings, sleep issues + enjoying the moment) PLUS a DELUX SAMPLE of doTERRA Holiday Joy Essential Oil (aka Christmas in a bottle ;)!!! Deets below on how to qualify…

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