Stop Suffering Silently And Take Action On What You Can Control

Acne is one of those uncomfortable topics that no one wants to think or talk about—yet reports show it’s not just the stereotypical teenager who suffers from these annoying, red bumps anymore. Many local dermatologists have noticed more women and men—of all ages—report acne blemishes on a consistent basis and are looking for a fix.

Vanity aside, acne blemishes can really take a toll on one’s self esteem long-term. So, why is it that some people seem doomed, while others are in the clear? According to Dr. (dermatologist), it has partly to do with one’s genetic makeup and partly to do with one’s lifestyle and habits.

Since we can’t do a whole lot about genetics, we’ll stick with what we can control and unveil some of the hidden factors that cause breakouts.

FACTOR #1 – Get the Right Topical Treatments

When it comes to anti-blemish products, there are thousands on the market today that all promise perfect skin. Regardless of the brand, the key is choosing the right ingredients. The two most popular ingredients are Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. Both kill bacteria on the skin, while drying out existing blemishes. Some prefer one, while others swear on using them together. Your best bet is to try each separately, notice which your body responds best to and stick to it.

FACTOR #2 – Ditch The Wrong Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients… get in the habit of reading the back of product labels. Unfortunately, many manufacturers add cheap fillers to products. These type of ingredients, like Mineral Oil, sit on the surface of the skin not allowing the skin to breathe, causing breakouts. For a list of ingredients to avoid, check out the book Don’t Go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me, by Paula Begoun. From breakouts to cancer, the owner of Paula’s Choice skincare, will guide you to which ingredients to go after and which to avoid.

FACTOR #3 – Change Your Diet

Your diet is just as important for clear skin as using the right products. Accordingly to Angela Martindale, Healthy’s Nutrition Advisor and owner of Transform, “Your skin is the largest organ in your body and therefore acne and other skin problems are a reflection of toxins in the body.” When you start changing your diet, the first thing that you will notice is a change in your skin. “I always tell my weight-loss clients that the first 2 weeks of getting on my program, they will notice an improvement in the glow and clarity of their skin,” Angela explains.

To clear up the situation, reach for high-fiber foods that are also high in Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system. Aim to incorporate spinage, kale, oranges and strawberries into your daily routine. “Anything that is preserved with chemicals is going to be full of toxins,” Angela states. So, stay away from sugar and fast food—it’s going to make you breakout faster due to the high toxicity levels.

FACTOR #4 – Adjust Your Post-Workout Hygiene Routine

In addition to nutrition, having a proper exercise routine is also vital in keeping skin clear. Surprisingly, it’s not simply exercising that does the trick; it’s the process of sweating, shedding toxins, and exfoliating that work together in giving you that natural glow. Angela steers people away from running errands directly after a sweat sesh. Create a routine where you exercise, go in the steam room or take a hot shower and gently exfoliate right after your workout. Rather than having toxins stay on the surface of your skin, you are allowing a cleansing cycle to take place, which should result in clearer skin from the outside in.

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