Mindful Moment For Mama {ft. doterra lavender & serenity essential oil}

Mindful Moment For Mama {ft. doterra lavender & serenity essential oil}

😌🙏🏻✨ Today I am rocking Cobra, which is one of my favorite heart opening Yoga postures, in my practice at one of my favorite spots during one of my favorite times of day (dusk) to go within. Hey trubeautys check out my insta story today… after getting very little sleep last night (this mama was up all hours w/ our little one, which took me back to her newborn days lol)! After getting done all the business and personal must-have’s, I prioritized taking a moment to just unplug and zen out today.

While coffee is great first thing (& definitely helped me knock out my lengthy To Do List)… I’m always amazed at the power of even just a couple of postures and how much it can positively effect my mindset. Nothing compares to the recharging energy I get from being in nature, connecting to my breathe, reminding myself of the power of patience (with myself and others), connecting to my gratitude & simply taking a moment for myself to slow down and re-center (especially if I’m feeling drained or exhausted like I was earlier today).

Taking this “moment for mama” puts things in perspective and keeps my mind + emotions in balance as a busy mama, wife and business owner. I always notice a sense of “ahhh” after each sesh, but also a sense of humor so I can better deal with any unexpected thing (like an all-nighter with my little one😆) that may come my way. Each day, of the 24 hours we all get, we should ALL take a moment for ourselves! If you don’t, sooner or later you’ll find you’re running on empty and that isn’t good for anyone involved.

Make sure to look at your daily schedule trubeautys & schedule time for yourself for something nourishing for your mind + souk that allows you to unplug from all social media, all to-do lists, the hustle n’ bustle and just be for a moment. I guarantee you, your body + mind is craving it. When all else fails and I have those day where I feel like a moment for myself is a joke compared to everything on my plate, I use my senses to subconsciously slow me down. My go-to is tossing on a calming essential oil with peppermint in it for instant gratification I can smell and FEEL with a cup of tea. We ALL have 5 min throw in some oils and make some tea on the go! As you practice mindfulness in your day, you’ll find that these little moment become the really big ones in your life to slow down and reflect daily. Namaste trubeauty xo! Heath 🙏🏻✨☕️🌿

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