Hey trubeautys! Today I felt inspired by the fine balance of FREEDOM vs. PRODUCTIVITY! Being a busy business owner, I have to remind myself of the balance between checking items off my To-Do list for the “operational” side of the business, with allowing myself to get lost in the creative moment (the part of the business that truly fulfulls me on ALL levels)! It’s a fine balance.

Lately, I’ve been so enthralled with the operational productive side of the business, that I could feel my creative side needed some lovin’! So, I decided to allow myself some time to get lost in my writing and explore today and just see what came up… & oh did it feel amazing!!

Right away I could feel any stress or tension from my growing To-Do list & email inbox begin to dissolve as I allowed myself to be immersed in nature & lose myself in my writing. It got me thinking…I can honestly say no amount of money could replace the feeling of peace and tranquility that comes from pursuing what you truly want to do, creating an ultimate freedom and fulfillment within. It’s so liberating! It’s as though you can finally breathe fully and deeply; that you are finally alive doing what you want to be doing vs. what you should be doing. My intention for this post is that it inspires you to realize that YOU, too, can achieve this type of freedom in your schedule if you listen to you heart and follow it with fearless action!

If I had to choose just one thing that I value the most about working for myself it is this: I love the freedom of my work space. With no boss, no one to answer to, and no place to “clock into”, it feels like a dream come true to able to see where the day takes me and work where ever feels right that day. Everyday I take a moment to express my deep sense of gratitude for this freedom! But it wasn’t always this way (I’ll do a separate post on how I finally took the plunge to leave the steady paycheck to pursue my greatest passion).

…So here I am, spontaneously deciding to do today’s blog post outside in the sun, looking out at the palm trees here in beautiful Florida as they sway slowly in the breeze, looking over the pool like ahhhhhhhh. It is these days when my heart feels so at ease; these days when the cliche quotes of “work smarter not harder” and “work to live, don’t live to work” hit home and really mean something. I used to always be so afraid of what was on the other side. Thinking to myself, how was I going to live not having a consistent paycheck?! Where would my self value come from if it’s not shown in the work that I do for a company or the title I achieve?! It wasn’t until I finally took the plunge and was able to release that anxiety of what was “expected” of me, or what my peers were doing, or what the definition of success was; it wasn’t until I realized I decide my own definition of success each day, and for me a huge part of that is freedom (mixed with passion towards my calling)! So I ask… are YOU on your right path? Are you following your greatest dreams towards the highest version of yourself… or did you toss them somewhere along the way for what your “supposed” to do?

As I sit here in nature, the sound of seagulls in the background… take it from me, there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing, better than FREEDOM! No amount of money, no corner office, no ego or title can compare to being able to pack up, laptop in hand & head out the door on a Thursay just because you can! If you are not happy in what you are doing in your life, what price are you paying health-wise? As we make our way to this holiday weekend… a break, no doubt, that we have all been waiting for this week. Ask yourself, what would it be like if everyday were to feel like a vaca? What would you do with your free time? See what comes up for you and just sit with it. Just allow it to be for a moment… even if it just seems like an unrealistic fantasy. I once did this and this vision, today, is what came up for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are no silly or impossible dreams, so dream BIG!

If you feel inspired (or even a little lost) by this question, I want to encourage you to watch my latest video HOW TO: CREATE A VISION BOARD! (posted on my YouTube Channel ***Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!! ๐Ÿ™‚. This video is designed to assist you in defining what it is you really want in your life. It will help you clear the clutter and guide you towards what your heart and soul truly desires and values most. Allow yourself to be immersed in the creative process and see what comes up…until next time Namaste-BEYOUtiful xo! Heath

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    Who You Are, Jessie J

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