#RealTalk Anxiety? Overwhelmed? Knowing When To Ask For Help {ft. doTERRA Motivate Essential Oil)

#RealTalk Anxiety? Overwhelmed? Knowing When To Ask For Help {ft. doTERRA Motivate Essential Oil)

Trubeautys I have something to admit, I know this is going to come as a bit of a surprise but I’m a bit of a control freak! Lol… I mean c’mon aren’t all of us women ALL a bit this way?! I’ve always believed through in through that as career women, wives, & mommies we truly CAN do it all! As I’ve matured, accomplished more and grown as a person while I’m still ridiculously proud of all that I can accomplish in the day (let’s just say it’s not a short list lol…) there is magic in knowing when to ask for help to lean on others for support so that you can grow and bloom on your path! 🙌🏻🌱🌿🌳 It truly does take a tribe… and the neat thing about it, is the diversity that comes with having a tribe allows everyone to grow! One of my “rewards” when I hit Gold Rank w/ dōTERRA was interviewing nannies who could assist with Melissa and house stuff while I’m building the business and on client and team calls. We just recently hired a nanny to assist w/ this little one year old (ummm when did that happen btw?! I have a ONE YEAR OLD!!! Omg 😆😍👶🏼) This has been the best decision because it allows me to be the ambitious business woman I am being fully present as CEO of my biz while at the same time allowing for healthy work/life balance boundaries being fully present as wife and mommy. Not only do I feel more balanced, I’ve been able to take more time for self care and creative outlets I love (like blogging and photography)! As yourselves trubeautys, do you truly feel balance and happy in your life or do you feel like many women do… spread way too thin, anxious and stressed, neglecting yourself and those you love most? If this is the case, take a step back for the sake of yourself and your family. We all have bills to pay and want to live a nice lifestyle… but see if there are obligations, tasks you’ve taken on or PEOPLE who are draining your energy (we call these energy vampires in the biz). What steps can you take to make a subtle shift and create more balance? Who can YOU lean on? Even if it feels impossible, dream it up… what if you COULD?!! Allow your mind to go there! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever have a nanny (nor did I think I wanted one… ME?!! Hands on mother who can do it all… not me!) but you know what, it’s AMAZING!!! I feel more balanced than ever and I have so much gratitude for our nanny and the positive impact she is making on Melissa’s life along with person who introduced her to me! It truly does take a tribe, allow yourself the what if’s in life, and you know what you may just manifest it into your reality! Step into greatness and lift those around you up along the way!! Next one my list… hiring an assistant when I hit Platnum can’t wait to see what trubeauty comes into my life for that! #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

Today’s video is all about “Social + Emotional {BEYOU}ty” confidence… #REALTALK – ANXIETY? OVERWHELM? KNOWING WHEN TO ASK FOR HELP! ***Be sure to watch the full video I have a juicy Giveaway.. I’m giving away doTERRA Motivate Essential Oil (used for focus, productivity, overwhelming or anxious feelings)!!! Deets below on how to qualify…

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