When you look good, you feel good! That being said, on a deeper level when you feel good you WANT to look your best! Look within and see what balance you need today. Do you feel good and need to reflect that on the outside? Take some extra time this morning to go the extra mile and do something special.. curl your hair, put more thought into your look and strut yo’ stuff!! If you look good on the outside but feel off, put on your #essentialoils, start reflecting on one thing ANYTHING that your #grateful for, step out into #nature, grab the latest magazine (not the negative type but one dropping #positive vibes), a cup of #tea, #Pinterest app… whatever allows you to get lost in the moment and feel replenished! Then, set a timer for just 20 minutes and watch your whole inner world shift and brighten! trubeauty is about reflecting on your beauty daily physically, mentally, socially, spiritually & emotionally connecting to the highest version of yourself BOTH on the inside and out! Keep your standards high for both your inner and outer world… because you’re worth it!
Photo Credit: @jazminelii

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