Stop And Feel The Snowflakes! {ft. balance + peppermint essential oils}

Stop And Feel The Snowflakes! {ft. balance + peppermint essential oils}

Hey trubeautys! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday relaxing and is gearing up for the new year with new goals to live your best life! Remember my recent YouTube video called “HOW TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!” about the power of ditching devices and just “being” by returning back to family traditions? Well I challenged myself during our entire vacation and while it wasn’t easy at first, what a GREAT feeling it was to practice this with our daughter and truly be in the moment with her!!

While on our Christmas vacation, my family and I slept in, ate cookies and Starbucks in bed, went sledding, out to some incredible dinners, sipped tea by the fire, enjoyed epic spa days, relaxed with dear friends & even had a gingerbread house making contest with my family on Christmas Eve (the teams were girls against boys and while it was a close call, I think the girls won the gingerbread making contest thanks to my candy Christmas tree addition lol)! 😜🙌🏻🎄 I can’t wait to share more of these special memories with all of you of our little lady’s very first time seeing – and eating – snow!

As new parents, knowing that our daughter is learning from what we do (not necessarily what we say) it is our intention to teach her through example about the importance of simply being in the moment, for ultimate happiness and inner balance! As you click my YouTube Channel link and watch my video with tips on how to live in the moment and WHY it’s important…may it inspire you to challenge yourself in this tech-driven world by thinking about ways YOU can live more in the moment this new year to live a happier, healthier life in alignment with your truest self! While I missed connecting with you all in such a personal way each day, it felt oh so good to just unplug, be in the moment and makes looking back at all the pictures even more special knowing we were all truly present and enjoying these special times. When you “stop and feel the snow flakes” in life, there is an inner harmony that occurs that no amount of likes, follows or material possession can ever match… it’s an inner joy and authenticity that nothing can alter and isn’t THAT what life’s all about anyway?! May you all live with intention in 2018 trubeautys as you manifest your own inner harmony and “tru” joy by listening to your intuition every step of the way! Xo! Heath

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