Stop & Smell The Rose… Tea! {ft. Dewdrop “Evening Rose” Tea + doTERRA Rose Essential Oil}

Stop & Smell The Rose… Tea! {ft. Dewdrop “Evening Rose” Tea + doTERRA Rose Essential Oil}

Hey trubeautys! It’s Friday late afternoon and I felt called to get back to my writing and make some tea (something I’m working on doing a lot more of, since writing/blogging is really where my heart is – so it’s a perfect intention for this heart month)! Little lady is playing with her toys in the background and it is stunning here with the sun shining and a subtle breeze, which makes it just crisp enough to want to warm up to a nice cup of tea! This is my current scene as I am literally stopping + smelling the rose… tea, that is 🙃 enjoying the moment!

I want to give a shout out to @dewdropfoods loose #RoseTea featured in today’s post (you ladies should def check them out, it’s nourishing + beautiful, so makes a great gift for any zen friend in your life)! I’m loving how pretty these petals look in my “H” mug! This tea is perfect for this month’s LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN theme, since rose #tea + #roseessentialoil has been known for centuries in all different cultures for being a major staple in top #beautyroutines ! And for good reason… rose has benefits ranging from brightening/clearing/anti-aging/softening the skin to increasing feelings of inner joy, relaxation & of course L✨O✨V✨E!

I’m definitely feelin’ the love lately connecting w/ you all in our own way and seeing all my hard work + vision come to life with our trubeautyMOVEMENT! From one #girlboss to all you other #girlboss goddesses out there reading this… my message to you today is to remember that although there are ALWAYS items on the To-Do List, it’s so important to stop + smell the roses and really look around and enjoy right NOW in this moment – where you are in your life with absolutely nothing different! It’s an important practice everyday, but there is something special about making this a ritual on Friday’s after the rush.

For me that always seems to be moments like this slowing down, sipping a hot beverage of some sort, being in nature & writing. It really puts things in perspective, allows me to notice the subtle breeze swaying in the palms or the sounds around me, I would have otherwise been far too busy to notice. It’s these little moments that brings that an inner sense of true joy – only each of us can create for ourselves (& tends to cost next to nothing). We all have things we are striving for, but honestly it doesn’t get much bigger than #thelittlethingsinlife. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful, Friday wherever you are as you finish up your own work/school or whatever day and take a moment to zen out – you deserve it ladies!
Cheers xo!✌🏻🍵💜 Heath


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