The ‘Busy’ Trap! {ft. doTERRA Serenity, Balance, & Peace Essential Oils}

The ‘Busy’ Trap! {ft. doTERRA Serenity, Balance, & Peace Essential Oils}

Hey trubeautys! My hubby and I have been talking about everyone being so “busy” these days and how it is applauded in our society. This article from the New York Times really explains it well… and is such a good reminder (we ALL do it). Enjoy trubeautys, hope it inspires you to be more conscious of where your time and energy goes each day and that it’s being spent of the people, tasks & things that truly bring you joy & spark your imagination! We are in a phase in society where it’s time to ditch the “supposed to’s”, toxic, and draining people or things in our lives and truly slow down and enjoy life! Your YOU-niverse all starts with YOU. Are you ready to make the conscious change and start really enjoying life?! xo Heath

The “crazy busy” existence so many of us complain about is almost entirely self-imposed.

Essential Oils For Slowing Down & Enjoying the Moment: Serenity Soft Gels + Serenity + Balance + Peace Essential Oils (relieves anxious feelings). Internally: Ingest Serenity Softgels. Topically: 2-3 drops of each on the bottom of the feet + 2-3 ADDITIONAL drops of each on the wrists, then rub together and rub on shoulders, neck, & temples. Aromatically: Diffuse 3 drops of each.

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