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Heather’s trubeautyYOGA class has become essential to my week! It allows me to center and remember to be grateful for the things that bring happiness into my life. The class has a great energy to it. Everyone is very supporting and positive. Heather’s teaching style is a perfect blend of calming meditation and a sweaty muscle shaking workout. If you’ve ever been to any yoga class, then you know the teacher makes all the difference. Heather truly cares that everyone has a fulfilled class and leaves a little more balanced. Thank you!

Monika H.

Namaste Heather. Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop. Thank you so much especially for being such an inspiration to my daughter! She is very special and benefits so much from positive role models. Thank you again and I look forward to talking with you soon!

Julie and John K.

I have a motor neuron condition that affects my balance. I started taking Heather’s classes about 8 months ago, which has truly changed my life. Through yoga, I have become more calm, spiritual and flexible! Sometimes I would come to class with aches and pains, which would magically disappear after an hour with Heather. A wonderful person and a gifted teacher, I am truly blessed to have found her and am honored to be one of her students. Thank you for everything!

Mary E.

Hi Heather. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing yoga class last night! Definitely worked some new muscles, which felt great 🙂 I’ve been looking to get back into yoga and now I KNOW I’ve found the right one for me!! I love the physical workout mixed with positive thinking, focusing on gratitude and what I want in my life so that i can move forward with confidence! The essential oils at the end were amazing and made me feel so relaxed and calm! I’m planning on attending at least twice a week now! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next Tuesday in class!

Randi K.

I started taking Heather’s classes about 3 months ago and the effects have been remarkable. As someone who has been restricted by arthritis for many years, I am happy to report that as a result of working with Heather I have become more much more flexible and have been able to build strength in my core and throughout my body while reducing the overall level of pain that accompanies severe arthritis. Among many benefits I attribute to Heathers classes, specifically both my golf and tennis games have seen significant improvement. Heather is a very gifted teacher, who combines knowledge, communication skill and caring into every class she teaches. Private sessions are also a must for big leaps forward in overall well being. I am a true fan and very appreciative of what Heather has, and will continue to, contribute to my quality of life.

Lee S.

Heather, you tru-ly are a fantastic teacher!!! It was my pleasure to assist you at today’s trubeautyEVENT. I am GRATEFUL to have you be one of the instructors, as I know that management highly cherishes YOU!!! Watching you expand is such a JOY!!! Keep up the Greatness that you came here to BE. 🙂

Kay S.

Thank you, Heather. Such a pleasure to meet you and experience your wonderful class!!

Elissa K.

Thank you Heather, we love your class!! I’m glad that my husband is enjoying this. I always enjoyed yoga. It was easier 10 years ago. I’m out of shape and I’ve lost alot of flexibility. I look forward to changing that (now that we’ve been introduced to your class). I really enjoy your teaching style and look forward to seeing you soon!

Lynn F.